Constantina Dita – guest star of the 35th edition of the Sportswomen of Colorado association gala!


Constantina Dita received in Bucharest the National Reward for Sports, decoration received within the ‚Romanian Sports Festivity’ which took place at the Olympic Sports Complex.


January 1, 2009

  The 38 Year Old Super-Mom Who Ruled the Beijing Olympics

November 25, 2008

  Dita’s day-off with TBS in Tokyo

November  14, 2008

  Constantina’s IAAF Online Diary

October 8, 2008

  She's getting better with age
» September 16, 2008
  The age factor has made Constantina Dita an inspiration to athletes much better known
» August 20, 2008
  The Golden Homecoming
» August 17, 2008
  August 17
» August 17, 2008
  Marathon Drama Left for Silver as Romanian Runs Away With Gold
» August 17, 2008
  Tomescu improving with age like fine wine
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Keith Roper
USA, 2011-10-24
An inspiring 2008 Marathon I'll never forget. Thanks.
Martin Sneberk
Czech Republic, 2011-07-30
Hello, i'm a great fan of you and therefore I would be very happy if you could send me your autograph. I would be very pleased if you could fulfill my wishes. Many thanks in advance for your kindness. I wish you very successes! Yours sincerly, Martin Sneberk My address: Martin Sneberk Zelcany 12 posta Nezvestice 33204 Czech Republic
china, 2011-07-27
Dear Constantina Tomescu-Dita First, to send this email, I am very honored to bring many inconveniences, sorry! I am an ordinary high school students from Ningbo, China, My name is Chen Yuxuan, in this beautiful season, I welcome you the opportunity to come to the beautiful China, China is a beautiful country. It has a long history. There are also many interesting places. So many foreign tourists every year come here to visit. And the Olympic Games held in 2008, is a grand event in the history of development, it will become more and more beautiful. Here, I sincerely send my best wishes to you, wish you success in your work Live happy, happy family. I have been concerned about you, looking forward to your future better results Would also like you to send some signed photos to me? Left me as the best memorial. Thank you My address is Chenyuxuan 800 xiejia road, jiangbei 315032 ningbo, zhejiang China
china, 2011-06-27
Dear Ms Give you e-mail has been really happy you liked the game You try of the game I see oh. Your most loyal fans over the years I have been watching you feel is a happy person can be your reply and signature photo is my dream, my honor I have this desire to meet you Welcome to China China is a beautiful welcome to my home country, where beautiful scenery beautiful lake I believe will give you beautiful mountains and enchanted leave your footsteps Look forward to your new score is the best fuel your Disturb your precious time to apologize to you I wish you Happy day My address is Chenzhou xiejia road800 jiangbei ningbo zhejiang China
ROMANIA, 2011-06-18
Buna ziua! Ma numesc Zaharia Vasile si sunt un profesor din Tg. Jiu, de la Colegiul National "T. Vladimirescu". Suntem implicati intr un proiect Comenius cu parteneri din Turcia si avem de realizat un dictionar cu personalitatile din cele doua regiuni. Dorim sa va includem si pe dumneavoastra in acest dictionar si va cerem acceptul de a folosi infoamatii si fotografii din aceasta prezentare. Avem speranta ca ne raspundeti afirmativ si va dorim multa sanatate si succese in activitatea viitoare. Cu respect pentru campioana olimpica gorjeana semneaza prof. Zaharia Vasile
Ben Schragger
United States, 2011-06-10
I am a huge fan of you, and have always been for my 13 year life. I was wondering if you could send an autograph to me. Ben Schragger 17 Nathaniel Green Road Titusville, NJ 08560 Thanks a lot!
Feng Bin
China, 2011-05-18
Dear Constantina Tomescu-Dita: Greeting from China! I'm an honest fan of yours from China named FengBin,Although I live in China! This is my first letter to you although it has been almost 3 years since I become one of your loyal fans. So first I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter.I have read many stories in the websites and I have watched all of your marches on Internet.I want to know more about you,I hope we can keep in touch often. I fell crazily for your team the first time. That was in 2008,you won the women's marathon at the Summer Olympics in 2 hours, 26 minutes and 44 seconds.I won't forget that exciting time!I will still support you,because I know you are the best star. I think you must be very busy now, but I hope you can read my letter! I'm so eager to make friend with you if it possible! I always watch you on TV,you are so beautiful,and in my opinion, you are really a gentlewoman! China is a big country, there are many delicious foods and beautiful landscapes.It is very essential to develop the Asian,I know you are very famous in Romania, I appreciate you very much. I hope that you can come to China, and I'm sure it can bring happiness and some good memories to you! We admire and respect you, that has been earned with ability, honesty and commitment.We admire and respect you,that has been earned with ability,honesty and commitment. China is a big country, there has long River, the Great Wall and lovely Pandas,The most important thing is that there are much more fans of yours here. I hope you can come to China one day, I want to shake hands with you and that would make me very excited. P.S: You would be greatly appreciated if you could send me a picture with your signature on it. Looking forward to your reply! Your sincerely, Feng Bin 2011.5.18 My Address: Feng Bin NO.98 Man Jia Dun District, XiDa Street, LiYang City JiangSu Province, 213300 P.R of China
Vincent Scholl
USA, 2010-04-20
Hey is it possible that I passed you running on the Boulder creek path today; Monday 4/19/2010
China, 2010-04-16
Hi!I am your fan from china,I want to get your autograph cards,thank you very much! My address: Marui class 4 grade 3 xuegong middle school linzi district zibo city shandong province CHINA
Adrian Gheorghe Mowrey
United States, 2010-04-16
I ran the marathon myself, although when I was 15 years of age in Zalau, SJ, Romania. I ran it in 3h:33m:51s. As a very experienced long-distance runner, what is your opinion about my performance in the marathon that I ran in 2001? What would you suggest for me to try in my trainings to win the Atlanta marathon in the next few years (2012-2015)? Thank you very much, and I will be waiting for your response.
Trevor Flota
-----, 2010-04-08
Hello my name is Trevor Flota and I am 14 years old. I am a hug fan of yours and always will be! I think that you are an outstanding runner! I used to run Cross Country, but Then I messed my knee up and had to get surgery :(..... I would be honored if you would please send me an autograph! That would be great. My address is....... 15824 East Lynchburg Road Mt.Vernon, IL 62864 Thank you soo much for your time, I really appreciate it. May god bless you! Trevor
Jiang Yilun
CHINA, 2010-04-05
Dear Constantina Diţă: How do you do.I'm a faithful fan of you.I long to communicate with you .I want to get your autograph cards.It's nothing ambiguous about my love of you.I support and love you very much.You are the best around the world!Can you help to live my dream of getting your autograph photos?My birthday is coming,I am sure I will be so happy when I receive your autograph cards before my birthday.Thank you for reading my E-MAIL. Please help me.Can you tell me your address so that I can send you some Chiness exquisite presents next time I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Wishing you all the best in life and achiece success in every fields! Yours sincerely Jiang YiLun And this is my address in English, Jiang YiLun Room504,Building54,BaiShaSiCun, YiZhengHuaXian,JiangSu211900 P.R.CHINA
Jake Rose
USA, 2010-04-03
My name is Jake Rose And my brother, Jonah and I are collecting autographs. We know that you are very busy but if you could take the time to send us a signed photo we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you SO much for your time and God Bless please send to 300 Blackbird Station Road, Townsend DE 19734, USA thanks again, Jake
ridichie sorin
romania, 2010-02-15
mult succes!!! Multumim pentru tot ce ne oferiti, prin munca dumneavoastra...
Ioana Santamarian
Romania,Zalau, 2010-02-15
Nu ma prea pricep eu la cuvinte, dar ma bucur enorm ca am sansa sa va scriu dumnevoastra un mesaj, vreau doar sa va multumesc pentru tot, sa va multumesc ca mi-ati dat ocazia sa fiu mandra ca sunt romanca.Va multumesc frumos si sa va dea Dumnezeu sanatate si putere de munca in continuare.
ROMANIA, 2010-02-15
Marian Chiriac
Romania, 2010-02-12
Buna ziua, as dori sa stiu daca pot lua legatura cu dvs pentru un interviu. Multumesc.
Robert Dei
Hong Kong, 2010-02-12
Hi Constantina, I saw your run at the 2008 Olympic in Beijing and thought you are the best female marathon runner in the world. It seems age is not slowing you down. Could you send me an autographed photo? A fan, Robert Dei My address: Flat D, 8/fl. 75 Po Kong Village Rd. Hong Kong
Hua Qing
China, 2010-02-11
Dear constantina tomescu-dita: Hello,I am an honest fan of yours from China named Hua Qing. Although I live in the orient china ,I always look for every chance to watch your match on TV. It is known to all that China is a beautiful country,we have the Great Wall,favourite food, lovely panda and esperially many your honest fans like me.I hope I could have the chance to watch your match here,how happy it will be if it comes to true!I believe the day will come one day. At china there are few souvenir of yours for sale,as your fan I long to get some from you,can you help me?I know it is very hard but I hear you are always very kind. I long to get your letter soon. I hope that you can get a autograph,I hope you can send me,Thangk you. With Best Wishes Yours Hua Qing my address: Hua Qing Hong Qi Zhong Lu 64-502 Ma an Shan city,243000 An Hui province China
madalin b.
romania, 2010-01-23
la multi ani ! multa sanatate ,fericire si tot ce va dorinti alaturi de intreaga familie...mult succes in continuare...!
madalin b.
romania, 2010-01-23
la multi ani ! multa sanatate ,fericire si tot ce va doriti alaturi de intreaga familie...mult succes in continuare...
romania, 2010-01-23
Draga Constantina, nu sunt un profesionist in alergare, dar pana in prezent am terminat un semi si un full maraton. Am slabit 38 kg, co fondator la un grup de alergare: Alergatori anonimi, alergam in fiecare sambata in jurul Casei Poporului. Ar fi fain sa alergi si tu cu noi, o data, ne-ar onora prezenta ta extraordinar. cu respect Emanuil www.emanuilrednic.com
Moldova, 2010-01-22
ROMANIA, 2009-12-25
usa, 2009-12-13
I just to say hi
Nederland, 2009-12-11
Hello Constantina, You where running at the Montferlandrun in Holland last weekend. I took pictures of the runners. You can find your pictures in the link below. (Album 1) http://www.xs4all.nl/~beatse/Viagladiola/Hardlopen.htm Greetings en succes, Eric
cristian ungureanu
romania, 2009-11-16
Bravo Serenisima a sportului romanesc pentru Tokio , ...cu ajutorul dumitale este identificata si recunoscuta Romania , ....Bravo ! , Cu Consideratie , cristi.
cristian ungureanu
romania, 2009-11-16
Bravo Serenisima a sportului romanesc pentru Tokio , ...cu ajutorul dumitale este identificata si recunoscuta Romania , ....Bravo ! , Cu Consideratie , cristi.
cristian ungureanu
romania, 2009-11-16
Bravo Serenisima a sportului romanesc pentru Tokio , ...cu ajutorul dumitale este identificata si recunoscuta Romania , ....Bravo ! , Cu Consideratie , cristi.
mihaela iancu
belgia, 2009-10-31
mult succes in continuare!
Günter Thieme
Germany, 2009-10-06
Dear Constantina, I'm a long distance runner and a fan of you. It is possible you can send a picture with signature to me. I would be so happy. Thanks Günter Thieme Martin Hochmuth Street 12 08393 Meerane Germany
Georgiana P.
Romania, Tg-Jiu, 2009-08-30
va admir foarte mult pentru taria de caracter si puterea de a trece mai departe peste tot ce inseamna greu, in viata si in concursuri. Am alergat maraton si stiu ce inseamna greul. cu respect Georgiana P
Antony Timis
Canada, 2009-08-29
Nu stiu daca va amintiti de mine dar locuiam in Colorado si ma duceam la Vestivaluri Romanesti. Sunt Copilul lui Marius. Totusi, Bravo si va suport!!!
USA, 2009-08-25
Hi Constantina, First of all, my sincere congratulations for all your running! I watched you winning the Olympics marathon last year and I was extremely happy for you, and for all of us with Romanian origins; even more, that magnificent event made me to decide to run a marathon myself. Not being a runner, and being 53 years old by the 18th of October 09 of the Detroit marathon, it is quite a challenge for me, but I keep you in my mind and the cause I am doing for: https://www.dav.org/Run4Veterans/Default.aspx I'd like to get in touch with you via email, if possible. Many thanks.
mike mullins
usa, 2009-08-21
We love you at the Home Depot. Go for the Gold
Marina Radoi
Romania, 2009-08-05
Felicitari, stimata DOAMNA! Iti multumim ca existi si reprezinti, la cel mai inalt nivel, Romania! Te iubim!
Zhang Yibo
China, 2009-08-05
Hello,Dita.I am a reporter of China center TV.DO you attend in 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009?Would you send mail to me?Thank you very much.My E-mail:bobby_chang@hotmail.com
România, 2009-08-03
Felicitari pentru performante si pentru vointa de fier ! Iti doresc sa ai parte de numeroase succese si de acum inainte. Bravo!
Jason Knight
England, 2009-07-15
Dear Constantina, We spoke briefly after the 10k in London on Sunday. Well done on your run you ran very well indeed. it was my 2nd 10k and I broke 40 for the 1st time. I was pleased. would it be at all possible to get a signed photograph from you running at bejing? If so how would I go about getting one? I dont mind paying for it. I started running last June 5k went from 22 mins to now 19 and did a marathon last december in 3.24. Also if you have any training tips to help me get my 10k time down to 37 id really appreciate it. i hope you dont mind all the questions. I was over the moon to meet you. I was even on the start line photo with you catherine and all the others so it made for a really great day. good luck with the rest of your summers racing. best wishes jason knight
czech, 2009-06-18
Dear I send you best wish s from of North Moravia ( Czech Republic ). Allow me to express my deep admiration for you and your work. May I ask you a favour, please? I´d like to obtain your original signature with dedication on photograph for my collection. You will write on envelope "POSTAGE PAY RECIPIENT" and then envelope give in mailbox. I will pay postage in Czech. Is it possibly that? I collect signatures from all world.I know, that I am not modest, but I hope very much, you will understand me and my hobby and I thank you very much in advance. I wish you good health, good luck and much satisfaction in your further life. Thank you very much indeed, Yours faithfully, My address: Kamil Petrkovsky Hasicska 3041 738 01 Frydek-Mistek Hey, check out my site. www.olympic.estranky.cz
Romania, 2009-05-21
La Multi Ani Pusi!!!! Sanatate si fericire. Te iubim mult, Ali&Cris&Iri
bolivia, 2009-04-27
te mando un cordial saludo y muchas felicidades por tu medalla eres un ejemplo a seguir espero algun dia legar a ser tan buena corredora como tu cuentas con una amiga latinoamericana y bienbenida a bolivia un abrazo felicidades
Great Britain, 2009-04-26
Constantina, Your run at the Olympics was truly special. For me it was the highlight of the games. You deserve to be the Olympic champion because you were brave enough to run your own race and believe in yourself. Take care and God bless
eugen semen
UK, 2009-04-26
Daca nu ma insel ne cunoastem de foarte mult timp din tg jiu.Acum locuiesc la londra si sunt foarte mandru cand aud despre performantele tale.Iti doresc mult succes in tot ceea ce faci.
Baltazar Bogdan
Romania, 2009-04-06
Sunt incantat de modul in care imaginea ta se imbunatateste in Romania. La ora asta se vorbeste despre Constantina Dita drept unul dintre cele mai credibile simboluri din sportul romanesc! Sper sa fii asa si in realitate! Mult succes in tot ce faci!
Hannah Carmel
United States, 2009-03-13
God bless you Constantina!
Vlad Ene
Romania, 2009-03-09
Felicitari pentru pozitia luata impotriva scoaterii orelor de sport din programa scoalara! Romania are nevoie de oameni ca tine si ca domnul Tomescu!
Rom, 2009-03-06
Pusi esti cea mai tareeee....Te iubim muult, Ali, Cris si Iri.
Kovacs Jozsef Ioan
Romania, 2009-02-28
Am uitat sa scriu in mesaj. Misto filmuletzele .... BAFTA !!!
madalin badea
romania, 2009-02-27
cat de greu este sa alergi o cursa de maraton ,atat de frumos este atunci cand,castigi...esti cea mai tare...
madalin badea
romania, 2009-02-27
felicitari pt aurul de la olimpiada!!! multa bafata la londra!!! sa aveti grija de dv...va pup
romania, 2009-02-27
buna pusa ,felicitari ptr rezultate esti tare .pupik de la mioara
Demeter Tibor
Romania, 2009-02-26
Mult succes in continuare, pentru oamenii din Romania, care nu sint certati cu legea, pentru ca avem nevoie sa fim mandrii, dupa toate ce se intimpla in "lume" ! Multumesc la Dumnezeu ca exista sportivi, oameni ca, Constantina Dita, Hagi, Nadia Comaneci, Mutu, Iolanda Balaj, Ilie Nastase, Ion Tiriac, Bölöni si multi altii care ne aduc bucurie si ne fac sa ne simtim mandrii !!! Super site! Cu stima si respect, Demeter Tibor (un Muresean)
Romania, 2009-02-25
UK, 2009-02-24
I know im brittish and i should cheer for Paula Radcliffe, but you are my favourite. See u in London!
USA, 2009-02-24
Am vazut cursa din China impreuna cu mama mea, la New York. Niciodata nu ne-am simtit mai mandri, prietenii nostri Din USA, ne felicitau pentru succesul tau! Esti extraordinara!
Romania, 2009-02-24
Nimic nu e mai frumos decat sa vezi cum un om simplu din Romania, a ajuns atat de departe. Iti multumim pentru exemplul tau!