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Constantina Dita – guest star of the 35th edition of the Sportswomen of Colorado association gala!


Constantina Dita received in Bucharest the National Reward for Sports, decoration received within the ‚Romanian Sports Festivity’ which took place at the Olympic Sports Complex.


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»Constantina Diţă – guest star of the 35th edition of the Sportswomen of Colorado association gala!

The most important association of the sportswomen in the State of Colorado presented its laureates of the year 2009, during a glamorous gala hosted by Mariott Denver Tech Center, in the evening of 8 March. Constantina Diţă was the „keynote speaker”- the special guest that makes an important speech but also gives the awards to the laureates.
Constantina awarded 50 sportswomen of all ages in the State of Colorado with the excellency trophies, including the most important award, given this year to Erin Popovich, multiple medalist of the Paralympic Games. All the laureates obtained great sportive performances but also very good academic results, this aspect being a selection criterion in awarding the sportswomen.

Puşa Diţă received a surprise from the organizers ,that made a re-enactment of the  Olympic medal ceremony in Beijing, generating a standing ovation for the athlete.
In her speech Constantina talked about her success in Beijing, about the way she wishes to be an inspiration for other sportswomen, but also about the values that are bringing together the laureates at the Sportswomen: tenacity, ambition, character. Constantina’s speech was many times interrupted by tempestuous applause, of more than 500 members of the audience
Constantina told in her speech „ At 14 years old I was watching Maricica Puică winning the Olympic title in Los Angeles. It took me 20 years to manage reaching the performance of my role model. In Beijing my dream came true”. Puşa thanked among others her coach Vali Tomescu and her son Rafael, for their support in this period. ”Without my coach, nothing would have been possible. I am very glad he is today recognized as one of the best marathon specialists in the world”,
From 1975, Sportswomen of Colorado continues to publically recognize and honour the exceptional athletes of the State of Colorado, to encourage the access of girls and women in the sports life, to bring to notice among parents and teachers the appreciation of academic, social, physical and psychological importance of the feminine sports. The association also wants to create role models for young women, to raise the mass media exposure and the financial support for the sportswomen.
Constantina Diţă also received at the gala an honour trophy, as a recognition of her performances by the sportswomen of the State of Colorado
„It was an appealing ceremony. The moment whit the re-enactment of receiving the medal in Beijing, and also the goodness of those people, deeply impressed me. I felt loved, respected, at the same time as Romanian and as resident of Colorado” said Constantina Diţă about the ceremony.
 Vali Tomescu,her coach, added: „ The colours of the Sportswomen association are red, yellow and blue, like the Romanian flag, so we can say that we felt at home there. An excellent event!”