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Constantina Dita – guest star of the 35th edition of the Sportswomen of Colorado association gala!


Constantina Dita received in Bucharest the National Reward for Sports, decoration received within the ‚Romanian Sports Festivity’ which took place at the Olympic Sports Complex.


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»She's getting better with age

Olympic winner, 38, heads Chicago field by Philip Hersh. Click here for Chicago Tribune article    

„What made the story compelling wasn't that Constantina Tomescu-Dita became Olympic marathon champion against a field in which she didn't count herself among the big names.
Or that she won after losing four months of training last year to a leg injury and then going through a divorce this year from the man who also is her coach, which led to a four-month split in their professional relationship.
It was that the Romanian did it at 38, making her the oldest Olympic marathon gold medalist and the oldest women's marathon medalist.”